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Smart Marketing Idea 4: Don’t worry about the cloud, focus on the benefits

17th May 2016

white-paperOur recently published white paper: 7 Smart Ideas to Market your SaaS Business contains leading edge information on how to market your SaaS business. Here we look at one of the ideas:

Smart Idea 4: Don’t worry about the cloud, focus on the benefits

To you, your software is built on great technology; it’s in the ‘sparkly new’ cloud, it’s online, it’s cool. Generally speaking nobody will care about any of that – unless you’re selling to IT people. You must bring your marketing messages back to earth and remember to focus on the customer benefits.

Generally speaking, your prospects will approach technology buying with the attitude of ‘what’s in it for me?’ What are the benefits of your system to their business? What plus points does it offer to users? Why does it save people money or make them money?

These are your marketing messages; avoid poorly defined buzz concepts and acronyms. Avoid leading with messages containing references to SaaS and cloud.

For SaaS features, try picking out important elements for your messaging from this list
of generic SaaS benefits:

  • Access anytime, anywhere for true workforce mobility
  • No software or hardware to install or manage
  • Reduces or eliminates administrative burden
  • Little or no capital investment
  • Monthly payment model shifts costs from CAPEX to OPEX

For your core messages, like marketing any product think about what the main benefits
are. This may be statements like these that we’ve helped craft for clients:

  • Focus on ease: Timesheets for recruitment agencies, made easy
  • Focus on problem/solution: Asset inspection is essential. Our software makes it simpler,
    more effective, and reduces cost
  • Focus on differences: Expense Management with a difference
  • Focus on what it is: Secure, enterprise-ready, on-demand complaint

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