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Smart Marketing Idea 2: Constantly optimise your website conversion rate

23rd March 2016

white-paperOur recently published white paper: 7 Smart Ideas to Market your SaaS Business contains leading edge information on how to market your SaaS business. Here we look at one of the ideas:

Smart Idea 2: Constantly optimise your website conversion rate

The website is the heart of any SaaS businesses marketing strategy and the shop window to your company. This means it cannot just look good – it has to convert leads as well.

We recommend that you experiment with techniques for encouraging engagement with website visitors. This could be increasing the conversion rate for free trial sign ups, people booking a demo of the software or downloading content. You need to define what you want prospects to do as a result of visiting your site.

One common misnomer is that getting greater results from your website means spending more money. However, what if we told you that you could double your website conversion rate, potentially without increasing expenditure?

The key to achieving this is conversion rate optimisation on your website – working out what drives lead generation activity, so that you can carve up your marketing budget in a way that generates stronger leads through as web traffic.


  • Don’t just add a free trial function to your website; split test the length of these
    complimentary trials to work out which one gets the greatest click throughs
  • Equally, change up the calls to action on each website page until you find which
    one achieves most traction.

You may even want to experiment with the content on each website page, as sometimes stripping back to the fundamental information can generate better results than overwhelming users with multiple options.

Drawing on experience, we increased the conversion rate on one of our client’s websites by 60% by simplifying the user journey. By removing two calls to action and re-designing the site to focus on just one.

This illustrates an important governing principle for ensuring that marketing focused websites are effective  – easy usability. Don’t confuse people; guide them through your website, and remember they are on a journey that will continue face-to-face, so you don’t need to tell them everything online.

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