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Remarketing – How to Increase Conversion Rates with Remarketing Services

26th March 2012

The kettle’s on. A potential customer sits in front of the computer, looks around your website, takes an interest in the service or product you’re offering, and then hears the switch click to the ‘off’ position in the kitchen. It’s time for coffee, and in that second your website gets closed. One more lost customer.

Or is it?

In the past, when a potential sale didn’t convert, you had to hope you’d be remembered when someone became a little less busy. Now, you get more chances when you pay for remarketing. Google Google Ads remarketing, at that.

What is remarketing? You’re sure to have seen it in action. You’ll have been on a website, done some research and moved on. You’ll have gone to another website only to see that the products you were previously browsing are back on the screen. Remarketing adverts take your computer’s cookies, check what you’ve been viewing and promote it again, in the hope that you’ll return to complete your purchase.

Remarketing adverts can be seen on any site that’s part of the Google Display Network. They’re sites that display Google Ads advertising. They make money from their advertising space, and you make money by tagging your adverts to link them with pages the people have browsed on your site. Along with the potential for an increase in instant conversions, Google Google Ads remarketing allows your brand to pop up all over the web, getting into the mind of visitors in ‘subliminal messaging’ style. Additionally, you can provide a special offer that customer wouldn’t have initially seen, to lure them back.

Remarketing can improve your conversion rates by up to 75%, business dependent. All that’s left is to choose how to target people you thought you’d lost. Capture those who’ve abandoned their shopping carts, and those who did nothing more than browse. When that customer returns with their cup of coffee, they’ll be far more likely to buy.

Looking to find remarketing solutions that work for your business? Contact us now, and put Xander Marketing at the front of your Google remarketing strategy, for marketing solutions that really work.

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