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6 reasons why you should do more marketing in a recession

14th May 2009

Do you cut your marketing budget in a recession or use marketing to get you through a recession? Here are 6 reasons to keep marketing:

  1. Your competitors may be cutting back. You can vastly increase market share through the same activity
  2. Customers need more persuading than ever to spend their money with you
  3. Good companies are surviving and still want your products. Customers that have money will keep spending, customers with less money need marketing showing them they’re getting a great deal
  4. You need more customers than ever. Customers are more irrational, going out of business, no longer loyal. Marketing keeps that steady flow of customers coming in and doesn’t keep you reliant on your current customers
  5. Customers will be looking for those businesses who are still actively engaging with them, and delivering messages that are relevant to their changing needs
  6. If you don’t do marketing and your competitors do you’ll lose market share that will be hard to win back when times are good
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