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Reaching decision makers: marketing your software to busy people

19th October 2016

icon-megaphoneInherently knowing the benefits that your software can bring to end users, and actually convincing said end users that their daily lives will be better for having your product in it, are two very different things. For a start, it may be proving difficult enough to even reach the individuals you need to be speaking to, let alone converting people with the authority to sign on the dotted line.

Unfortunately, the decision makers that you need to be impressing are usually busy people. It’s practically in their job description. They’re managing people or operations, they’re overseeing projects or budgets, and have a wealth of revolutionary new services offered to them for trying and buying at every turn. It’s hectic.

Of course, your software could probably help them to be less busy. It may solve all their workflow problems and let them put their feet up and relax, but how do you communicate that to these elusive decision makers? Let’s take a look.

Know your USP

Having a very specific handle on what exactly your product does, who it’s for and the distinct challenges that it solves for customers will enable you to pitch your software in a targeted and direct manner. Being concise and confident will attract people who have limited time, and strong or catchy brand messages will tell the story for you, enabling them to understand what you’re offering in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore.

Understand your audience

Profiling your decision maker or their job role before you make your approach is key to adapting the way you present your product. Issuing a generic description probably isn’t going to get you very far, but if you’re able to outline how you can solve relevant issues that they’re facing right now, and identify their specific requirements (or objections), you’re more likely to resonate with that buyer as a product, and as a brand.

Indirect recommendation

Having a presence within relevant media and trade publications can raise brand awareness and reach decision makers in more sophisticated ways than cold calling alone. Reading a favourable review, or viewing an advertisement in an outlet they trust can give you positive connotations by association.

Differentiate yourself

Decision makers are bombarded with sales attempts… after all, they’re called decision makers for a reason. You may decide that drastic action is needed in your marketing strategy in order to stand out and be memorable; whether this is creating a bold campaign, sending branded cupcakes to leads or going viral with a video, gambling on doing things that no one else is doing can sometimes pay off. Just make sure you’re being remembered for all the right reasons.

Inbound marketing

Of course, all companies dream of buyers knocking on their door without having to go calling. And with inbound marketing, that dream isn’t altogether as far-fetched as it may seem. Decision makers respond well to brands that position themselves as thought-leaders, and the use of informative content such as white papers and expert blog posts can make those all-important individuals aware of your market presence and increase the likelihood of them coming to you.

Onboard more decision makers with Xander Marketing

Reaching decision makers alone can be tough, which is why you need the support of a professional marketing agency to drive awareness and bring in leads. Xander Marketing works with many SaaS businesses to improve their websites, create thought leadership content, and execute marketing campaigns that engage new and ongoing business prospects. If you’d like to increase your odds of being noticed by the right people, get in touch and request your free marketing consultation.

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