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Marketing is easy for SMEs

14th April 2010

Is your marketing a struggle? Do you just not know where to start? We believe SMEs have it easy…here’s why.

It’s up to you what goes on your website. You have an online brochure for customers to find you.

You couldn’t do this 20 years ago. 20 years ago you had to pay to send out brochures and letters. Now you can create a website and an unlimited number of customers can find you, not costing you money for each additional customer. You control what goes on your website, how big it is and how customers will interact with you.

If you’re on Google people will find you

If you’re number one on Google for your key search terms people will find you. You don’t need to spend days cold calling; people will come to you. If you can’t rank highly on Google, use Google Google Ads and only pay a small amount of money for people to view your website.

You can interact with your customers and find new ones through Twitter

It can be impossible to get through to a director of a large company, it can be impossible to interact with all 500 of your customers. Through Twitter you can interact with those previously un-reachable prospects or communicate to all your customers in one go.

There are more networking events than you have time for

For people who like networking there are hundreds of networking events in the UK. Join some, go along, meet other business people and grow your businesses together.

Email marketing is a cost effective way to target

Before email there was direct mail. Costly, and you only knew if someone had read your direct mail and liked it if they responded. With email marketing there are no costs of paper, ink, postage etc and you also know who has opened and interacted with your email. It’s instant and lands in front of people. A well crafted, targeted email can have quick results.

Knowledge is what is important and there are tools to spread it

You’re an expert on your business, or at least you should be. In the last 10 years tools have been developed to spread this knowledge cheaply and efficiently to a mass market. Blogs, podcasts, YouTube and email newsletters have all helped make this possible. Use this knowledge to position your business as an expert.

There are more marketing companies and freelancers to support you

With shifting work patterns more people have gone freelance or set up their own companies. You have a choice of support, whether you want a one stop shop like Xander Marketing or a freelancer with a specific skill, it is easy to find people to support you with your marketing.

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