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It doesn’t matter what you like

26th May 2009

It doesn’t matter if you want your logo to be blue because it’s the colour of your favourite football team.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer direct mail to email marketing.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t use the internet to find services.

What matters is what your customer wants. And not just one of your customers, the majority of your customers.

If your customers only buy products with a silver logo, make your logo silver.

If your customers are all on the move using Blackberries, send them emails.

If your customers are all in their 20s, they will use the internet to find services, so be on the internet.

It is often the case that people in a business decide what marketing they like and assume their customers will like it. This is naive. Only through really knowing your customers, analysing the market and also analysing what you want to portray will you determine what your customers really want and what will get you results.

Once you have sussed this don’t leave it to your gut to think of answers. Use the facts, the analysis and use this to make your decisions.

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