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Is Your SaaS Website Working Against You? Ask Yourself These Questions

12th March 2024

SaaS businesses thrive on innovation, including the online image they project. Your website is often the first point of contact with potential customers – it needs to be at least as impressive as your product. But how do you know when it’s time to ditch the old and step into a fresh, growth-optimised design?

Here’s a quick diagnostic checklist

1. Is our marketing site on par or better than our product?

This question cuts to the heart of customer experience. Your website should be your most polished offering. If it’s not, prospects may form negative impressions before even engaging with your product.

Gather your executive team and ask, Is our marketing site better than our product? An honest assessment is crucial. If the answer isn’t a resounding yes!, initiate changes immediately.

2. Does your marketing site really speak to your ideal customers?

Target different customer segments and ruthlessly examine your website from their point of view. Does the language, imagery, and problem-solving focus match their pain points? Is it clear what your product does?

Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes: Put on the hat of a customer from a segment generating >10% of your revenue. Does your website resonate with their concerns? Does it feel tailored to their needs?

3. Does the design look modern?

Aesthetics influence perceived value. Trends evolve fast; a dated website can create doubt about your product’s innovativeness.

Open your website next to industry leaders like, Slack, ClickUp, and Recurly. Does your design measure up? If not, it’s time for a refresh.

4. Does the marketing site answer top sales objections?

Sales teams possess invaluable insights into customer hesitations. To remove friction from the decision-making process, proactively address these concerns on your website.

List your top 10 sales objections. Comprehensively address them on your website to close deals before they even reach your sales team.

5. Is it super easy to take the next step?

Ensure customers can easily contact your company or take the next step such as booking a demo or requesting a free trial. Each page should direct users towards a desired action: “Try for Free,” “Book a Demo,” “Download Guide,” etc.

Long sign-up forms can create friction. Minimise the number of required fields.

6. Does the marketing site make you look bigger than you are?

Does your website make your company appear (at least) twice its current size? This can boost perceived market presence.

Conveying a sense of scale helps with customer and investor confidence. Highlight partnerships and client logos, or even position the team size as bigger on an ‘About Us’ page; for example, just focus on the management team.

7. Does the marketing site cater to different information styles?

Not everyone wants to dive into a 60-minute demo on their first visit. To appeal to diverse learning preferences, offer weekly webinars, short demo videos, white papers and guides, live chat, infographics, or even an interactive FAQ tool.

And don’t forget that some people just want to pick up the phone, so make your phone number prominent.

8. Is your marketing site faster and slicker than your actual product?

Your marketing site must be faster, smoother, and more responsive than your product. A skilled designer and compelling content are far more accessible than a complete engineering overhaul.

This is non-negotiable. Your website’s performance sets expectations for your software’s user experience. Invest in top-notch design and content optimisation.

Why These Changes Matter

Today’s SaaS buyers navigate a saturated market. They’re seasoned evaluators who look for signs of trustworthiness and expertise. Does your website instil confidence that you will deliver outstanding service and a solution that aligns with their needs?

Don’t Hesitate, Iterate!

Website design shouldn’t be a set-it-and-forget-it affair. Continuously assess the effectiveness and make adjustments. Addressing the points above will transform your website into a powerful sales engine, attracting more leads and driving your SaaS business forward.

SaaS web design that gets results

If you’re thinking about giving your SaaS website a makeover or just want to make sure it’s doing all it can to attract and convert visitors, get in touch with Xander Marketing or book a free marketing consultation here.

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