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How to use your marketing to solve problems for your prospects

14th June 2012

Your prospects look to you for help. The product you sell, or the service you offer has to improve their situation in some way, otherwise they simply wouldn’t buy. Your product has to make life easier, give them more time, save them money or make them money or provide a way to use the time they have more effectively. Solve their problems, and you’re on the way to success.

So don’t just sell your product or service; sell an answer to someone’s problem. Here are seven ways to make your marketing more effective:

  1. Find Problems – Take time to talk to prospects and customers. Ask them what their problems are, and what would make their life easier. Make sure all of your employees are listening, and make sure you fix any common concerns. Monitor social media, and address queries quickly. Be a problem solver, and give people content they’ll want to share with others.
  2. Promote Other People – It might sound counter-intuitive, but sharing links to other information sources can help your prospects and your business. People will be more likely to trust you, and to return to your site or page, if they know they’ll find what they need.
  3. Write How-To Blogs – Your prospects might find you when they’re looking for the answer to their problem. Give them the basic information they need to solve a problem on their own. If they find they’re out of their depth, they’ll know where to turn for more advanced help!
  4. Create eBooks, white papers and guides – Create helpful, informative content. Your content can be free or paid downloads that show prospects what they can do for themselves, and make you the authority on the subject.
  5. Make Templates and Tools – Like eBooks, white papers and guides; templates can save time for your prospects. Give away free templates that help them succeed, and create leads that are receptive to anything else you have to offer. Tools and applications can also be a great source. Create a clever calculator that lets people see how much they could save using your service, or give them a smart phone app that gives them information on the go.
  6. Optimise Your Website – If you optimise your website for long-tail searches, you’ll capture people who don’t want general answers. The people who reach your website will be searching for an answer for a specific problem, and you can provide their solution.
  7. Nurture Your Leads by email – If you know what your prospects are looking for, you can provide useful information in the form of email newsletters. Give them regular tips and tricks, information and the opportunity to download free guides. Your emails can promote your brand, and you can keep your business in the minds of prospects.
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