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How to Fully embrace AI and AI-enhanced marketing in your SaaS business tech

15th January 2024

ChatGPT led the charge of the latest AI when it launched as a public platform in November 2022. AI has been making tech (and non-tech) headlines globally ever since. And it is not going to go away, ever.

SaaS tools that incorporate AI in the form of machine learning (ML) have been available to businesses for some time now. However, more advanced AI-enhanced SaaS products have now moved from being an enterprise-level only option into the mainstream, available to businesses of any size.

While the efforts to produce specific AI-based machines like self-driving cars and robot waiters for food service have provided nice, consumer-friendly headlines for several years, the development of generative AI has been happening quietly under the radar.

How do we expect AI to be used in 2024?

There are several general inferences we can draw about what the immediate future holds for AI, marketers and marketing tech:

  • AI is not going to replace marketers (in 2024, anyway). Instead, marketers that use AI will replace those that do not. Much as it always is, technology makes a leap forward and drags us along with it. Those who insist on not going with the flow get left behind, likely going the way of the dinosaurs. Essentially, there is a need to wholeheartedly embrace AI. New technologies are invariably innovative and disruptive. They create winners and losers, and embracing AI is essential if you want to remain on a winning team.
  • Using AI tools and solutions to succeed: From the perspective of users of AI marketing technology, whether in-house or with an agency, there is a need to select AI solutions and tools that help you succeed. Ignore this at your peril because it’s a sure bet that even if you don’t subscribe to it, many of your competitors do.
  • In general application, generative AI is a companion: A marketing co-pilot that can be used as a sounding board for ideation on any aspect of marketing. Whether it is to outline, iterate, or adjust across strategy, campaigns, content generation, or anything else, AI is likely to be the tool of choice for marketers who want to work with greater efficiency, produce outputs faster, and achieve better results.
  • The AI Race in SaaS: From the point of view of vendors, it is going to be a race to see which SaaS applications and platforms respond most quickly to effectively exploit AI technologies so that they enhance the value of their products and services. It may already be too late to get in on the ground floor, but there is certainly time to be an early adopter. Similarly here, AI can be put to work for ideation, such as for developing a road map or strategy for SaaS product and platform development.
  • Multi-modal AI is set to become the norm: AI that can interact through text, images, voice, and video. Prompting multi-modal AI with such elements as brand guidelines, brand lexicons, and tone-of-voice cues means this technology is likely to be able to produce outstanding brand-centric content. At the moment, we are seeing AI at a fairly unsophisticated stage! It is going to move fast through 2024 and beyond as it becomes more refined, powerful, and compelling.

How can you use AI in your marketing?

AI platforms that are rapidly transforming core activities that marketers perform include:

  • Writing: AI tools like ChatGPT and Jasper to automatically write high-quality marketing and business content.
  • Image generation: Generative AI tools like DALL·E 3 and Midjourney create images and art in any style based simply on a text prompt.
  • Video generation: Generate videos in any style using generative AI creative suites like Runway.
  • Audio generation: Use generative AI to create realistic or artistic audio and voices. Companies like ElevenLabs create realistic voice clones using the technology.
  • Code: Generative AI tools also write code in specific programming languages. This allows programmers to work hand-in-hand with tools like GitHub Copilot to be more productive.

Remember, today, we see AI in what will, one day, be regarded as a ‘primitive’ form. It’s only going to get better!

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