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How is AI going to change your SaaS product’s marketing stack in 2020?

15th November 2019

There have been all sorts of wild claims about how AI is going to change our lives within relatively short timescales. There is a very sci-fi derived pop-culture image of robots replacing humans. For example, for several years there have been assertions that as many as 5 million (40 percent) of jobs in Australia may be at risk.

Such a prospect is frightening, but the reality is likely to be less so. It is more probable that jobs will be impacted, and that doesn’t necessarily imply a negative effect. Increasingly, we’re going to find the digital tools we use to aid us in our work are AI enhanced through the use of Machine Learning to crunch vast amounts of data, recognise patterns, understand what they mean and apply them.

This means that systems are going to be increasingly used to optimise marketing activity. For example, at a basic level, sign up tools automatically fetch data and populate sign up forms, creating a more frictionless experience and uplift sign up rates.

Intercom improved engagement and interaction by tracking and filtering customer data to trigger personalised, automated marketing emails and in-app messages.

Another example is Drift – “the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform”. Machine Learning and Big Data analysis has resulted in the computation of data points such as Intent and Sales Velocity scoring.

Marketing management platforms for email campaigning are able to manually schedule the time to send email blasts out and can alter the scheduled send time to match the working hours of each recipient based on their time zone.

AI enhanced systems bring further refinement, by looking at the data from past performance of previous email campaigns to determine whether it can predict a time when it is more likely that each individual recipient will open the email.

AI tools to consider in 2020

Other areas where AI is optimising marketing activity include:

  • PPC – Opteo identifies significant patterns and suggests improvements
  • Content marketing – MarketMuse is a content intelligence and strategy platform
  • SEO – WordLift helps search engines understand webpages and enrich websites
  • Subject lines – Phrasee generates headlines and copy variants at the touch of a button
  • Content optimisation – Atomic Reach does this through the rewriting of important words and phrases

Generally, AI enhanced SaaS apps first appear at the enterprise level. However, as the platform grows, economy of scale enables pricing models to support SME and SMB businesses.

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