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Great, someone’s booked a demo for our SaaS product

28th November 2017

Ping! Another lead comes in. Someone wants a demo of your product. Job done! Or is it?

As you know a demo is only the start of the sales process. Your first challenge is to actually get the demo booked and in the diary, then you have to ensure someone turns up, and only then can you start selling and think about a solution and ‘close’.

6 quick tips to make your SaaS demos a success

So, what can SaaS businesses do to get the most from people booking demos – here are 6 quick tips

  1. Make it easy to book a demo. Don’t put barriers up like needing a postal address to do an online demo
  2. Let people book a time to do a demo as soon as they’ve submitted their details – there are plenty of calendar and online booking apps that do this
  3. Provide a longer product overview video (5 min to 15 minutes) before the call to bring prospects up to speed and give them things to think about
  4. Send emails telling people what to expect in their demo and things to think about
  5. If you need answers to certain questions send out a pre-demo questionnaire
  6. Remind people that the demo is coming up – if you’ve used an online booking app to book it reminders can be programmed into a lot of these

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