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Golden goose or marketing turkey: 8 marketing predictions for SaaS businesses in 2015

26th November 2014

Prediction time again

SaaS is a fairly unique business model. Frequently, there are no boxes or bricks. SaaS businesses can just exist in the virtual world, digitally enabled in practically every aspect. This means they need to be as sharp (if not sharper) than anyone else when it comes to digital marketing.

As the end of the year rolls into sight, many SaaS vendors will be wondering what the next 12 months holds. Here we help interpret how some of the marketing trends we’ve seen develop over recent times may play out next year.

1. Demand for ROI

SaaS businesses rely on leads generated in digital channels. Those that have been sold a ‘marketing turkey’ that have failed to deliver such as ill-conceived websites, lacklustre content and badly performing campaigns at inflated prices, will demand ROI.

2. Demand for better content

Some marketers think content is ‘just a trend’, however, they really don’t get it. Content is a ‘golden goose’ for SaaS businesses, because it really helps get the key messages out there. Poor quality content drives poor results and frequently equates to Nought Percent ROI! We’re likely to see more re-purposing of successful content to help meet demand.

See our blog: Content marketing is dead. Long live content marketing!

3. More mobile

Marketing mobile will continue to increase in importance, driving the need for SaaS businesses to be smart around mobile by developing the supporting enablers such as responsive design, websites and mobile apps.

4. Wearables take off

The market is set for growth driven by significant interest in health & wellbeing; expect to see marketing apps on wearable technology such as Google Glass or smart watches. SaaS services and solutions for consumption on wearable tech may need a rethink of UX design.

5. Increased use of Facebook ads

Facebook ads becoming more popular for marketing as Facebook pages get less exposure by Facebook.

6. Finer degrees of segmentation

Micro-targeting, or B2B to B2I (Business to Individual); for example, marketing automation software enables social channels to be ‘scraped’ and influencers turned into advocates.

7. A resurgence of security issues as a barrier

As a result of recent ‘hacks’ and heightened awareness around privacy issues, we can expect to see the resurgence of ‘security’ as a major barrier to uptake. Security concerns had receded somewhat over the past couple of years, but they are strengthening once again.

8. Need to maximise conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is becoming increasingly more important. Expect this to grow further as ads and PPC costs increase. It is essential to maximise conversions of website visitors arriving from paid click services.

Get the golden goose and avoid the marketing turkey in 2015!

Gags aside, the takeaways are that:

  • Poor results from sub-standard marketing has caused SaaS businesses to have a much stronger focus on ROI
  • Marketing businesses need to increase the quality of content, campaigning and web work and be more aligned to the unique needs of SaaS businesses
  • Mobile, social and wearables will continue complementary, mutually beneficial development and SaaS businesses need to make sure they are in step

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