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How do you ensure that you choose the right Marketing Agency?

1st September 2014

It is a big commitment for any business to engage or partner with a marketing agency. What if you make the wrong choice? We’ve all heard the horror stories; you could be left having spent your precious pounds on ‘fluffy’ marketing with very little return on investment.

Marketing agencies have different specialties and different skill sets that make some a better fit than others; no one-size fits all. However, by doing your research up front and asking the following important questions, it is possible to ensure that you choose the right marketing partner and achieve the goals your are searching for:

1. How will they know what tactics will work for me?

Before you make your decision you must find out what processes the agency uses to get a good understanding of your business, target market, business objectives, any industry research and expected outcomes from activity. Do they have a strategic process in place? Ask to see examples of that process and the outputs provided?

2. Who will be working on my marketing?

Who is the key person in the agency that you will be dealing consistently day to day? What skills and experience do they have?

3. How good is the agency’s inbound marketing?

When evaluating an agency, you should look at its website and social media presence. Search to see if you can find them online and evaluate how well their website is optimised for search engines. Check what content the agency uses to drive traffic to their site to see how well they do inbound marketing for their own business.

4. What results can I expect?

Ask the agency to give realistic estimates of results and ask them to provide evidence of results achieved for similar business campaigns.

5. What will I have to do?

Get clear on exactly what part you are expected to play. How much input will be required on a month-by-month basis. How much time will you be expected to devote?

6. How locked in am I?

Is there a minimum term in your contract? What processes will be in place for reviewing the work completed and how does this relate back to your contract?

7. What services do you require from the agency?

Many marketing agencies provide a full service. Alternatively, if you already have some suppliers on board, how flexible can the agency be if you want to continue working with them on some elements of your marketing?

8. Does the agency offer a fixed price?

Does the agency offer fixed cost pricing and what do they deliver for that fixed fee? What additional charges are there and how are you made aware of these up front?

9. What experiences and results has the agency already achieved?

The best way to find out if an agency can deliver on their promise is from their recent client case studies. Agency case studies should extend beyond their own results using inbound marketing; they should be able to point to very specific instances of success with client case studies, too. Don’t be afraid of requesting a recent client reference from within your industry.

10. Will the agency work on a one off project?

A good way to test an agency is to engage them to work on a small one off project. Most agencies will be happy to do a one off project and use this as their opportunity to shine!

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