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Content marketing is dead. Long live content marketing.

22nd September 2014

People aren’t clicking so where next?

As content marketers we tune into the trends and views on the industry. One of the topics which seems to come up more frequently is that content marketing isn’t working any more for SaaS businesses. In effect, the initiators of such conversations often suggest content marketing is dead and they want to know what the next marketing fad is going to be.

Content marketing is something of a bandwagon. In the last few years many SaaS businesses have jumped on board, putting out content in one form or another. Blogs, infographics, white papers and case studies are popular formats that have been shoved out relentlessly through e-marketing and down social channels. Now, many companies are finding that people simply aren’t clicking on their content.

No shortcut to success

One of the main reasons for this is that marketers are trying to take shortcuts to generating content. It’s natural to look at the content others are pushing out. It’s fair to carry out analysis to see how it works. But in the rush to create content, many have taken to copying or rehashing other people’s output.

In the world of audio, if the broadcast you are listening to suddenly cuts off because of a break in transmission you often get a hissing noise with no discernible musical pitch. This is called ‘white noise’ and it not only sounds awful it is fatiguing and irritating. Technically, it has equal audio power at all frequencies and is essentially ‘homogenised’ sound.

The inevitable result of badly recycling content is that you end up with the marketing equivalent of white noise. In effect it’s ‘homogenised’ content that’s been through a blender. It is just as fatiguing and irritating and it should come as no surprise that people are not clicking.

It’s hard work but you get better at it

Once you get over the hurdle of realising there’s no shortcut then you can get on with the proper process of creating great content. There’s no denying it’s hard work and it’s a talent. But the harder you work at it the better you get (it’s funny that!) Here are some pointers to help you create content that gets people clicking:

  • Be an original thinker – don’t be constrained by the formats or conventions you are used to seeing
  • Examine your business – thoroughly understand your USP and processes
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – understand how your business meets the needs of its customers
  • Develop thought leadership – bring your subject matter experts to the fore and let them showcase the business through expressing their ideas

By all means look at what other businesses are putting out and use it for inspiration. But remember, it’s a launch pad for your SaaS business to formulate its own unique content.

We’ve been working at it for years so we know how to create high quality content quickly. If you require help with generating great original content that gets people clicking call Xander Marketing today on +44 (0)330 223 2770 and find out how we can help, or request a free 30 minute marketing consultation.

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