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3rd June 2020

Invariably, crises and disasters are disruptive events. Market upset creates pitfalls for some, while handing advantages to others. Now is the time for SaaS companies to seize the day!

The crisis as opportunity

“This is the time”, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Whatever the specific agent of disruption, quite simply, large upheavals in the operating environment create massive opportunities and misfortunes. Take the case of the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

Its impact seems to be proportional. These times look likely to be historically recorded as a whole magnitude more serious than the 2008 global financial crash. And the outbreak is creating big winners and losers in some sectors and for some individual businesses.

Time for SaaS companies to get ahead…

For SaaS companies with the right products and services this is a massive chance to get ahead! SaaS is being embraced quicker than ever by companies and consumers. Whether it is schooling and gaming for kids, or socialising and quizzes for silver surfers, there has been a massive move to the cloud.

Businesses and individuals have realised that cloud apps enable them to escape the limitations of lockdown, overcome severe travel restrictions and help to maintain collaboration and social contact. And governments and those involved in bringing the emergency under control are also getting in on the act!

Working from home

Many companies have been using a hybrid approach of mixed home and office working. Now, a significant number of companies that provide cloud software for businesses are likely to see a bump in growth as companies look to further downscale working from centralised office locations, or even migrate wholesale over to a no-bricks business model.

Collaboration and project management apps are already winning big. And of course, security vendors are feeling the uplift as their architecture needs to support protection for lots of small homeworker deployments, compared to a handful of large centralised office deployments.

However, despite the massive growth seen by comms platforms such as Zoom, these are somewhat incidental, they are a subsequent effect. For others the opportunity is as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

Workplace monitoring

Companies involved in workplace health monitoring are experiencing enormous interest as organisations scramble to integrate coronavirus infection with health and safety practice.

Some, that are involved in facilitating the direct response to the situation by governments and healthcare providers, are also experiencing a boom time.

Healthcare delivery

Large companies with prominent household names, like Microsoft, are involved in triaging COVID-19 cases using a bot, helping deliver a first round of screening, a virtual doctor via telemedicine, and ultimately a testing solution.

Already experiencing a massive interest in its Teams videoconferencing solution, it seems that what is currently the world’s most valuable company is on a roll (again!).

Under the radar

Bringing things under control is also boosting the fortunes of those that are able to provide value at a strategic level. Some under the radar companies are experiencing significant if not controversial interest. The UK government has engaged the combined forces of Palantir (Big Data) and Faculty (AI) to help deliver data and systems intelligence from database consolidation and mortality tracking.

What about companies reducing expectations 30%?

For companies that were fast growth pre-COVID-19, the news isn’t necessarily bad. Companies like Salesforce and Workday may have knocked back 2020-21 expectations by 30%. But they are still expecting to grow, and the long-term trend suggesting continual growth does not seem to have been blown off course. And that goes for the entire SaaS sector in general…

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