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Are you secretly sabotaging your SaaS sign ups?

29th September 2016

freeTrialYou’ve finally developed the world’s greatest SaaS product and carefully launched it into the world, anxiously awaiting the sign ups that are bound to flood in. But have you been so focused on getting the product right and on its launch that you’re actually putting people off signing up for a trial or membership?

Let us explain. When you’re concentrating all your energy on creating life changing software that everyone will want to try, you can easily overlook the potential flaws in the sign up process itself. At this point in the development cycle, your sign up form probably isn’t your biggest priority.

Luckily, Xander Marketing is on hand to point out the not-so-obvious ways in which you might be sending potential trialists running in the opposite direction, no matter how amazing your product is.

Barriers to entry

If you’re setting any kind of qualification in order to try or subscribe to your product, you’re already narrowing your field considerably. Even something as simple as putting a required field in your sign up form can alienate users; keep your trial accessible to all, and limit the amount of mandatory information or prerequisites you’re asking for.

Undefined charges or personal data

If your sign up process requires a valid credit or debit card, any kind of charge or automatic subscription at the end of a trial, say this up front. Anyone who begins to fill out their details for something that looks to be free, only to be told a few steps later that they need to get out their Visa probably isn’t going to react kindly. If you require financial details, let people know in advance what you need from them, what you’ll use it for, and when they’ll be charged.

Too many steps

Research has repeatedly found that the fewer steps you put in your sign up process, the more likely people are to join. Reducing the number of data points on a form will dramatically increase the likelihood of people completing it and submitting. You might think that users are so keen to try your product that they’ll fill in just about anything and can’t wait to validate their email address, but the shorter the window for losing their attention or plain old annoying them, the better.

Limit distractions

The aim of your website should of course be showcasing your shiny new product, but don’t hide the sign up section in a far flung corner. Steer users clearly to where they need to go to register, and use regular calls to action around your site. Once they’re there, don’t let their attention wander; remove any unnecessary navigation from the sign up page, avoid any messages that aren’t about trialling and keep the information brief and targeted towards getting the job done.

Sign up for more sign ups with Xander Marketing

If your specialism is in building brilliant software, ours is letting people know just how brilliant it is. A specialised marketing agency can give the professional support and direction you need to ensure that you’re saying all of the right things, at just the right point in the sign up process.

Xander Marketing works with many SaaS businesses to improve their websites, create thought leadership content, and execute marketing campaigns that engage new and ongoing business prospects. If you’d like to add your name to that list, get in touch.

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