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6 tasks you can do when it’s quieter for your SaaS Marketing

10th March 2020

With more remote working and many B2B SaaS businesses finding themselves with a bit more time on their hands this is likely to be a quieter time for lead generation and new customer acquisition.

Your prospects are at home and getting diaries together for group decisions can take weeks; those not used to working at home, or who now have children at home with them could be on ‘go slow’ mode.

So, if you have a slower few weeks on the horizon what marketing tasks can you be doing so you’ll be ready for the rush when the world is back to normal in a few months?

1. Review your marketing strategy

When was the last time you updated (or even looked at) your marketing strategy? Is it still up to date? Are you hitting your numbers? What’s working well, and what’s not?

Is your marketing strategy up to date with the latest innovations in the marketing world? For example have you tried LinkedIn Lead Ads, tested AI tools in your marketing or shifted your SEO strategy towards user intent?

2. Update your website

For most SaaS businesses the website is the hub of what you do. To complicate matters web design trends regularly change so you have to ensure your website is still ‘cutting edge’. For some this may mean building a new website, for others it’s just updating what’s there:

  • Is your product information still up to date?
  • Have you got any new insights from customers and prospects that can improve your sales messages?
  • Does your website work well on the latest browsers, including tablets and mobiles?

3. Write content 

For SaaS businesses that don’t have an in-house copywriter or outsource their copywriting, writing content is usually something that is ‘important’ but a very low priority. Why not use these quieter months to write up the content ideas you may have? This may include white papers/guides, case studies and blogs.

You can never have enough content and remember you don’t need to publish it all at once – you can store content up and publish it when you’re busier later in the year. 

4. Update and repurpose content

If you already have a lot of content you could consider updating it. Are your white papers you wrote 5 years ago still relevant (yes, the cloud isn’t a new thing anymore) and can they be bought up to date with a few tweaks? You could say the same about blogs.

Is your design of your content still relevant today or could they be updated?

And what about repurposing content? Turn that white paper into a series of blog posts or a SlideShare for example.

5. Update social media profiles

Are your social media profiles up to date with current branding and messaging? Do your cover photos and avatars still look right? Social media networks have a habit of regularly changing dimensions and sizes of their cover photos and avatars so it’s worth checking they still look ok given recent updates. 

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Stay safe!

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