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5 Steps to writing a Marketing Strategy

19th October 2010

1. Define your objectives

You first need to determine what you’re aiming to achieve; firstly from your business, and then from your marketing. Examples of objectives are setting targets such as acquiring 5 new customers a month, generating 20 leads a week or gaining brand recognition in your local area.

2. Undertake background research

Once you’ve identified what you want the business to achieve you have to understand your competition, your customers (target market) and how your business is positioned to set itself apart from the competition whilst appealing to the target market.

At this stage you should undertake a competitor analysis, understand and segment your target market, determine where your business should be positioned and ensure your brand fits with this positioning.

3. Identify your marketing channels

A marketing channel is a marketing tactic; for example search engine optimisation or direct mail. Depending on your business your marketing channels will vary. An online shop for example may focus more on online marketing, where as a dentist may find that direct mail will work better.

Consider all marketing channels and identify which channels are right for your business.

4. Develop creative messages and campaigns

Now that you have identified your marketing channels, what creative ideas do you have in order to utilise these channels, stand out from your competition and that appeal to your target market? Develop your marketing messages and think of some marketing campaigns that encapsulate these messages and would appeal to your target market.

5. Pull it all together in a month-by-month plan

Now it’s time to pull everything together. Document which marketing channels you will utilise each month and decide when you’ll run your campaigns. Set out a month by month plan, ideally for the next year with more detail around the first three months.

For more information you can download our Marketing Strategy guide and template here.

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