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5 SaaS marketing tools you may not be aware of

27th October 2015

23077970362_c6a7f58203_zAlmost every day there seems to be a new ‘must-have’ marketing tool available. Whether to support your SaaS marketing activity through automation of tasks or the latest means of converting website traffic into guaranteed leads, knowing precisely which tools are worth having and which are just also-rans is both time consuming and energy intensive.

Here we round up a few tools SaaS businesses commonly use to increase marketing performance The following applications will support your marketing activity and help move your customers through the sales funnel with greater efficacy.

1.  Outbrain

One of the biggest trends in the world of digital marketing in recent years has been the growth of content marketing. But with more and more outlets creating content like never before, being able to appear in front of an audience has never been harder. Thanks to services like Outbrain, the chance of targeting potential customers is easy and cost effective. By signing up to the sponsored content service, you can host your articles on leading sites around the world. Those news articles get listed beneath stories on such sites as Mashable, The Daily Telegraph and CNN.

2.  Hotjar

Understanding customer behaviour when on your website is key to refining performance. With Hotjar, you are able to utilise such tools as heat maps, overlays, recordings, and more to see what your customers are doing when on your website. Working on desktop and mobile devices, Hotjar is an invaluable tool for identifying actions taken on your website in an easy-to-understand manner.


We’ve looked before at how the optimising the customer onboarding process represents one of the most important tasks for your SaaS business. One of those means to refine the onboarding process relates to the level of communication you can enjoy with your customers. Through, you have the means to liaise directly with customers on your website, within your apps, and by email. By being able to chat directly to those visiting or using your website or applications, you can act as a helping hand and valuable resource to your customers, supporting the onboarding process and converting at a better rate.

4.  HubSpot

Arguably the most recognisable name on this list, HubSpot’s marketing automation software has been developed to support marketers in completing tasks quickly and effectively. From offering the tools needed to manage website pages and engage with your social media audience, there is also the ability to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. The scope of the analytics provided by HubSpot – and through similar products such as Marketo and Pardot – is invaluable to the success of any marketing activity, and should be a must in the toolset of marketing professionals everywhere.

5.  Optimizely

Split testing has long been one of the key means of refining marketing activity. From the simple change of a button, to an entirely reworked landing page, being able to make changes to measure success is invaluable to your campaigns. By signing up to Optimizely, you have the ability to run A/B tests across your site, all without having to be a developer to make changes. Simply drag and drop, add and remove, and you can have your test pages up and running in next to no time. Optimizely is a fantastic tool for ensuring your website is performing at its best, so take a trial today to experience the value it can provide.

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