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5 quick marketing ideas you can start today

21st November 2011

Marketing can be a time consuming endeavour, but these simple suggestions can be quickly implemented for an effective boost to your strategy. None of them should take more than 5 minutes each, and all of them are proven techniques for expanding your marketing reach.

1. Add one (more) call to action to your website homepage

It can be as simple as adding a link to say ‘Click here to find out more about X’, although there are many more imaginative ways of getting your customers to interact on your website. More clicks means more page impressions and more time spent reading your content, but it’s also an opportunity to use such pages to engage your customers further. Calls to actions could include: request a demo, request a call back, download a free report, book a free consultation.

2. Change your submit button text

Semantics play a larger role than you might think on the web. It might seem to be the done thing to have ’submit’ as the button at the end of a form, but studies have shown that the word ’submit’ implies a degree of finality that can subconsciously make people apprehensive towards clicking. Try changing it to ‘Click here’, ’Next step’ or even ‘Download your free guide’ for increased clickthroughs.

3. Add a call to action to blog posts

If someone is reading your blog article then you’ve already got their attention, so make the most of this by including a relevant call to action. Providing a next step for the reader by inviting them to get in touch for a free report or consultation is a great way of bringing your leads to you. Offering free downloads and additional reading will keep your audience’s attention for longer, giving you further opportunities to engage them. Have a look at the end of this blog post for an example of this.

4. Retweet 5 tweets from target customers

Everyone likes being followed on Twitter, and as well as giving them a warm fuzzy feeling inside, retweeting tweets from people you follow will demonstrate to others that you’re not only listening to them but wish to actively engage them in a dialogue. It should take no time at all to find 5 funny, interesting or relevant tweets from your timeline and share them with your followers. This is particularly effective for people who don’t have many followers themselves, and so getting retweeted might be something of a novelty for them.

5. Share your content

If you’re not sharing your content, then you should be. What’s the point of spending time and effort creating good content if no one knows about it? Your customers won’t necessarily be connected to you on any one single social media platform, so spread the word on all of them. LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, as well as article sharing sites like eZine Articles and Zimbio are all good places to start. Whilst content can include everything from white papers and blog articles to updates on what’s going on that day in the office, it doesn’t have to be limited to just words. Photo and video sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube can provide other effective and diverse channels for sharing your content.

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