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4 ways marketing facilitates the customer conversion journey from trialer to subscriber in SaaS apps

29th February 2016

freeTrialMarketing doesn’t end when a prospect signs-up for a trial

One popular definition of the function of the marketing team is to deliver qualified leads to sales. It follows that many SaaS businesses adopt the view that once a prospect signs up for a free trial then the job of marketing is done.

However, there’s another school of thought that suggests your marketing team can keep on delivering value to the business by facilitating the conversion of prospects from trialers into paid subscribers.

The principle of the journey is applied in a number of areas in sales and marketing. Website journeys which describes the paths website visitor’s might take through the website is one; another might be physical journeys through a retail store.

The transition from trialer to subscriber is another that may be termed as a journey. Signing-up for a free trial is only part of the journey; the voyage doesn’t end until the prospect actually takes up a paid subscription. Here’s 4 ways SaaS marketing teams are able to facilitate conversion from trailer to paid subscriber:

1. Executing an email plan to support prospects through the trial

Design a plan and write the emails to support engagement throughout the trial process with the objective of regularly touching and encouraging interaction with the app and your team.

2. Setting up the right software to understand and monitor trial activity

Get intelligence on what trialers (and paid subscribers) are doing by using a software platform like Intercom that monitors the actions people take or don’t take in the app.

3. Creating the in-app pop-up messaging to support the trial

Support ease of use of the features with in the application by writing supportive, enthusiastic messages to assist prospects as they get to grips with the features and functionality.

4. Optimising log-in and logged in pages to be more engaging

Adding ad-style banner messages and other User Experience (UX) tweaks helps to improve the experience of trailers when they are in the environment.

Improve trial conversion with Xander Marketing

A SaaS marketing team might be in-house or outsourced. Whatever it is, leveraging marketing to uplift conversion during software trials means the investment in marketing delivers more value to the SaaS business. Xander Marketing works with SaaS companies to help them address marketing problems and drive growth. Simply contact us today to see how we can help with any aspect of SaaS marketing.


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