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3 tools that SaaS businesses can use to personalise their marketing and outreach

21st August 2019

Personalisation is often talked of as the next big thing in marketing. But personalisation is nothing new – direct mail has been personalised for decades, personalised URLs (PURLs) were meant to be the big thing 10 years ago (ever heard of them?) and with the rise of tools like Intercom, onboarding funnels can easily be optimised individually for customers.

Personalisation is more time consuming than mass marketing but when people are bombarded with emails and marketing every day, personalisation can help your communication stand out.

In recent years new easy to use tools have come to the market to help with personalisation. This article looks at 3 of these you can get started with today.


Accordium is for sales teams and marketers that undertake outreach.  It’s best for one to one communication where you can quickly record a personalised video that goes out in your email campaigns. There are many use cases from outreach to follow ups, proposals, closing deals, after sales and basically anywhere else where a video will bring an email to life, helping you to stand out in your prospect’s inbox.

Accordium also has personalised landing pages where a video can be automatically placed on landing pages next to supporting collateral (like a proposal). It has recently launched a Chrome plugin and Gmail integration, making it even easier to use if you use these products.

If you contact 3 businesses for a quote and you receive a personalised video with an email from 1 of them who makes the instant impact?

Find out more here.


In the ever competitive world of email marketing (or email outreach as lemlist would call it) lemlist does offer something different – personalised images in emails. Whilst standard personalisation has been around since the birth of email marketing, personalising images is new.

Examples of personalisation are:

  • Using people’s names or company names in images – for example written on a coffee cup or whiteboard
  • Pulling in website screenshots to emails
  • Using logos in campaigns
  • Using pictures of your recipients in emails

lemlist does require more creativity that standard email software. Whilst the personalisation options are compelling thinking how to use them and stand out is more of a challenge than just writing a standard batch and blast email. But the emails do stand out – seeing your face, website, logo or name in an email you receive makes a difference.

It’s not a tool for loading thousands of email addresses into, rather than targeting a select group.

Find out more here.


Images created in Hyperise can do similar things to what you can do in lemlist. You can pull in website screenshots, logos and personalise images with text as well as additional features like map locations.

The beauty of Hyperise is that it integrates with other marketing software. You can integrate this with your current email marketing software, website, chatbot, social media campaigns and a lot more.

It’s a bit more complex that the other software mentioned here, but still suitable for the average business user (you don’t need a degree in Computer Science to use it).

Like lemlist, it needs creative thought and time to put together your perfect campaign, but get it up and running well and your personalised emails, websites, ads and more will be noticed.

Find out more here.

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