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3 SaaS homepage examples your business can learn from

4th May 2022

Are you eager to create an impactful homepage for your SaaS website? Homepages are the ultimate first-impression generators. It’s often the very first thing people will interact with when visiting your site (and your business), leading them to a relevant section within the nest, so it’s the optimal place to improve conversion rates and generate new leads. In many cases, this is achieved through the power of design. We’re talking content cards, CTA buttons, layout interactivity, and so much more. To unpack this a little better, we’ve highlighted three homepage examples your business can learn from.

The first example is from Stripe, a SaaS company that provides payment infrastructure for Internet-based transactions. This is communicated very quickly on the home page through the use of product mock-ups, as well as a very succinct opening headline. Visitors will therefore grasp what Stripe does and the kind of problems they solve with one glance. It’s additionally helpful that a social proof table is placed right below the first CTA buttons, showing the renowned brands that use Stripe’s software. This is key in cementing the company’s trustworthiness right off the bat. 


  • Short and bold opening headline that confidently describes what the business does
  • Small table of logos with affiliated brands to showcase the company’s trustworthiness
  • Interactive product previews throughout the layout, showing what the software looks like
  • The use of animation, especially in the developer section of the homepage
  • The use of stripes and colour to split up homepage sections

Second up is, a work-management platform that helps teams manage projects or campaigns collaboratively. This homepage is particularly captivating because of the interactive checklist format in which the company’s products and services are displayed. As you scroll, you’ll see snippets of the platform, as well as social proof displaying renowned brands that use and trust’s capabilities. Moreover, you’ll be given a visual demo showcasing some of the features and interface of the platform – without actually clicking on anything. It’s purely communicated through design and animation.    


  • Great use of an interactive banner at the top of the home page to break apart services and interests. This offers the perfect visual parallel to the software itself
  • Integration of product previews and logos of partner brands within the layout
  • The use of an animated chat and interactive dashboard, providing a visual demo of the workflow on
  • A banner dedicated to testimonials, reviews, and awards                                                                   

HubSpot is the market leader in marketing automation software. What catches the eye first here? An opening and secondary headline succinctly summarising what the platform is and how it will help your business:

  1. An easy-to-use CRM
  2. The CRM platform your whole business will love

Both of these copy lines are accompanied by buttons prompting visitors to demo the product, so right at the start the opportunity to trial the platform is there. Apart from the interactive HubBot, HubSpots’s homepage relies on a minimalist design that easily flows across sections from one banner to the next.   


  • Enticing headline with a prompt to try the demo
  • Use of cards in layout design to highlight varying products
  • The addition of an achievement and reach/dissemination banner
  • CTA buttons (there are four “Start free or get a demo” buttons on the home page alone)
  • The use of a chatbot to spark direct communication with any site visitor

Each of these three homepages display a sense of technological expertise purely through the clever visual dispersion of their products and services. A seamless user experience on the homepage promises a seamless product experience, and that’s what potential partner businesses will look out for when visiting a new SaaS site.

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