Why business owners shouldn’t believe everything they hear when it comes to marketing

One of the reasons Xander Marketing was established was because small business owners and SMEs can sometimes have a lack of understanding when it comes to marketing; many just don’t know what to do.

The problem is there is a lot of bad advice out there and business owners really need to be wary of this. In just the last 2 weeks in conversations with business owners we’ve heard the following:

  • Using a website builder like Moonfruit means we’ll have a professional looking website
  • A website company wants to sell me their custom built content management system
  • The website builder I used has SEO built in so that’s taken care of
  • We have to be on social media
  • We’ve been told to put our sales message in an email and send it out to 10,000 people

 Business owners believing these ‘so called experts’ should be wary… 

  • Just because it’s easy to build a website doesn’t make you a website designer
  • Why waste money with a propriety content management system built by a few people that will cost a fortune compared to using a free open source system like WordPress (which over 20% of new websites are built on)?
  • How can you optimise your website without using the keywords you are targeting in the right places on your website?
  • Social media isn’t right for every business, and different platforms will work for different businesses
  • Results show emails with great, free and relevant content work better than a sales message

We think small businesses need better; they need to stop being lied to and given bad advice. Xander Marketing can help with this because:

  • We are a full service agency. An agency that only offers one service thinks their solution is the only solution, we’re not biased like that
  • We give genuine, impartial, honest advice even if it means losing out on business
  • Our marketing has yielded results for over 70 businesses

We offer a free one hour no obligation consultation so whether you want fresh ideas or to debunk myths from so called experts get in touch today.

Do you want to grow your SaaS business?

Do you want to grow your SaaS business?

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