How does marketing add value to your product or service?

We all know we should do marketing, but sometimes we question the value of it. When our hard earned cash is being spent we need to understand quite how marketing can add value to our products and services:

Promotes the Benefits

Marketing helps to achieve a result, outcome or emotion rather than a commodity. People that see your marketing need to understand what you’re offering, and how it can benefit them.

Position your business

Effective marketing will give you a position in the market, and stand you apart from your competitors. You can add value by defining what makes your product different, and why this means that your audience can’t get the same from anyone else.

Create a Brand

Marketing can help you add value by developing a brand, with messages and imagery that run through all of your marketing. A consistent brand will develop trust, and can in time represent everything your company stands for.

Enables social proof

Social proof is where people assume other people are buying a product or service, that they too should buy that. Marketing that includes testimonials from past customers that are happier, healthier or more successful since using your product will add social proof to your offerings.

Forge Alliances

Good marketing will help you to forge alliances with complementary businesses, as well as developing and strengthening your relationship with existing clients. Strong relationships with other valuable products will make yours seem more valuable.

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Do you want to grow your SaaS business?

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