Raising WhosOff’s profile and launching new ventures

WhosOff enlisted Xander Marketing to enhance brand awareness and increase leads. The company was already well established, but the WhosOff management team recognised the need for outsourced marketing support to maintain and improve its position in a highly competitive sector.

WhosOff Software

Working hand-in-hand with client teams to drive results

Xander Marketing set two clear objectives:

  1. Maintain WhosOff’s good reputation while driving new sales opportunities.
  2. Raise brand awareness of WhosOffice and cross-sell the platform to current and potential WhosOff users whose companies need shift planning capabilities.

The client-agency relationship needed to be highly collaborative to achieve these goals, as WhosOff carries out all its technical development work in-house.

The client team wanted to continue overseeing certain marketing elements, such as advertising, design and website management while outsourcing strategic activities such as content marketing, PPC and SEO to Xander Marketing.

Xander Marketing Responsibilities

Xander Marketing responsibilities for WhosOff:

  • SEO - Onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC - Optimising Google Ads and content for Bing, Capterra and LinkedIn
  • Email Marketing - Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Website support – reviewing page content and creating targeted landing pages

  • PR - Targeted profile raising campaigns
  • Content Marketing - Writing regular blog posts for both brands
  • Social Media - Daily updates across social media channels for each brand
  • Monthly reporting

“We’ve built a good partnership with Xander Marketing; the team has supplemented the skills and expertise of our in-house team. As a result, we’ve increased people’s awareness of WhosOff and WhosOffice in a busy market and invested in activities that have brought us more business leads.”

Reg Groombridge | CEO, WhosOff

Increasing leads while lowering costs

In four years, Xander Marketing achieved the following results:

  • Average 275% increase in WhosOff monthly PPC leads, and 330% increase in WhosOffice monthly PPC leads
  • 75% reduction in Google Ads cost per lead despite keywords and cost per clicks becoming more competitive

  • National and regional PR coverage for WhosOffice Example: Bristol Live
  • Consistent content marketing programme with top-performing blogs achieving over 2,000 views

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