A need to boost lead-den and 'hold ground' in a competitive industry

In March 2016 ResourceSpace faced a challenge typical of many growing SaaS businesses. Marketing was an in-house activity carried out with occasional support from a design agency. However, it had become very much an ad-hoc task due to other, more pressing, commitments for the team. Faced with the choice of recruiting a full-time marketing person or outsourcing to an agency, ResourceSpace selected Xander Marketing as its marketing partner.

The key goals from the marketing engagement were to:

  • Boost ResourceSpace lead-gen and sales by increasing leads and conversions
  • Ensure ResourceSpace ‘holds its ground’ in an increasingly competitive market
White Papers

Marketing Strategy

Initially Xander Marketing was engaged to write a Marketing Strategy. This strategy was a highly detailed document looking at:

  • The target market, competition and USP
  • A website review and recommendations
  • How to implement and fine tune onboarding
  • Propose a 1 year monthly marketing plan using appropriate channels
  • Content ideas and a marketing communications plan
Marketing Strategy

Xander Marketing Responsibilities

On completion of the Marketing Strategy Xander Marketing partnered with ResourceSpace to implement many of the recommendations. This included:

  • Website improvements – support with strategy, design, layout
  • White papers – 5 white papers developing thought leadership as well as pragmatic themes
  • Further content – 3 case studies, infographics and regular blogs
  • Re-branding and establishing a more consistent look and feel to the brand

  • Email marketing – onboarding during the free trial to drive conversions
  • Sales collateral – such as sales proposal templates and a brochure
  • PPC – formulating and managing Google Ads campaigns
  • Social media – management of social channel messaging and activity

“We were very impressed with the speed with which Xander Marketing got to grips with our industry. I would strongly recommend Xander Marketing to other SaaS vendors.”

Dan Huby | Managing Director, ResourceSpace

A more professional mage

Key results include:

  • A modern, up to date website
  • Thought leadership content to support lead generation

  • Increase in organic traffic and keyword rankings
  • Growth in leads, customers and revenue through the marketing

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