Content Marketing Strategy

The aim was to produce high quality content that had minimal effect on in-house resources and the time of its existing staff, leaving outsourcing to the agency as the perfect option. ClickPoint provides lead management software for sales and marketing teams, with the business looking to use content marketing to raise brand awareness, keep in regular communication with its customers, and position itself as a thought leader within its field.

Marketing Strategy

Content marketing and social media team

In order for Xander Marketing to generate consistent content for the ClickPoint, our copywriting experts and social media team put the following structure in place:

  • Weekly blog posts, aimed at profiling ClickPoint as insider experts
  • Monthly white papers, offering more in-depth and informative content

  • Daily social media updates, giving an insight into the company and providing a direct line of contact with customers

Key results

As a result of this content marketing campaign, ClickPoint enjoyed a variety of fresh and innovative content, which in turn increased consumer awareness.

Outsourcing this aspect of the brand’s communications to Xander Marketing fulfilled the brief of allowing the company’s core staff to focus solely on their roles while still being able to capitalise on the benefits of professional content and copywriting.

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