A need for a dedicated marketing resource

ETZ had the need for a dedicated marketing resource. Its innovative product had a growing customer base and it was felt marketing could rapidly increase sales, focusing on a more inbound approach to marketing. Building on the ad-hoc work done to date ETZ required an ongoing, focused and dedicated marketing effort undertaken by one agency.

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Outsourced marketing department appointed

Following a recommendation Xander Marketing was appointed by ETZ as its ‘outsourced marketing department’ for 10 days a month on an on going basis. Xander Marketing was selected due to the broad range of marketing it offered, particularly its strategic approach to marketing and experience in digital marketing.

A detailed strategy was developed initially and the first project was to design, write and build a new website, develop consistent messaging, create a sales video and design a new company brochure.

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Xander Marketing Responsibilities

Once this ‘marketing platform’ was in place Xander Marketing became responsible for:

  • Guiding the ETZ marketing strategy
  • Updating and improving the conversion rate on the website
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google Google Ads
  • Writing white papers and building landing pages to generate leads
  • Email marketing – lead generation and lead nurturing

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Writing regular blog posts
  • Establishing a presence on social media and managing campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Creating videos of the software
  • Interview clients and write ETZ case studies

  • Developing the ETZ brand
  • Trade shows
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Promoting and running webinars
  • Starting and maintaining a monthly newsletter

“Xander Marketing’s strategy and execution has resulted in a tremendous improvement in both lead quality and leads generated”

Nick Woodward | Founder and CEO, ETZ

Increase in sales lead quality is just one of the benefits

A dedicated marketing resource for ETZ has resulted in:

  • An increase in customers of 600%
  • No inbound leads in 11 years, to 30 – 40 strong leads (book a demo, contact) a month and hundreds of leads downloading content
  • Quality of sales leads have improved resulting in a higher, and faster sales conversion rate
  • A new, professional looking website with an ever increasing higher conversion rate

  • A significant increase in web traffic, and more importantly relevant web traffic
  • High rankings in search engines for relevant keywords
  • Positioning ETZ as an ‘educator’ through the development of thought leadership content
  • An increase in prospects becoming customers through the monthly newsletter

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