Bringing digital cohesion to a growing business

Before a full team could be hired, interim support came in the form of Xander Marketing, who won the competitive tender with their wealth of specialist experience in the SaaS industry and positioning in the UK marketplace.

Marketing Analytics

Xander Marketing Responsibilities

Despite acting as a short-term partner for Funderbeam, Xander Marketing lost no time in making improvements to its digital presence, implementing the following:

  • Website conversion rate optimisation review and carrying out suggested improvements
  • Creating targeted landing pages, with professional copy
  • SEO review and updates
  • Set up and management of targeted Google Ads campaigns

  • Boosting performance of social media accounts, including the management of a PPC campaign on Facebook
  • Onboarding management and optimisation
  • Mapping the existing workflows within Intercom, and implementing recommendations
  • Improving and rewriting email communications and in-app messages

“Thank you for the work you’ve done. You’re a group of outstanding professionals with a kind and patient mindset. Rock on, Xander Marketing!”

Villu Arak | Cofounder, funderbeam

Investing in marketing paid off for Funderbeam

When Funderbeam needed a solution to its short-term marketing problems, Xander Marketing proved to be an effective partner. Helping to generate more time for the founders, and produce a clearer approach to promoting Funderbeam, the agency was fundamental in:

  • Improving website conversion rates

  • Properly setting up PPC accounts and reducing cost per click and cost per acquisition

  • Improving onboarding conversion rates

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