The key was in the keywords!

In setting up a Google Ads campaign, the first step was to find and bid on keywords which related to:

  • Retailers and online traders looking for tips to improve their product photography process
  • Users looking for image background removal and other types of image re-touching
  • Owners and managers of ecommerce sites who are researching platform-specific product photo guidelines (Amazon, eBay) or general tips on better product photos for eCommerce

In this way, Pixelz could target exactly the right people for their services, with Xander Marketing placing them right where it mattered in online searches.

Google Ads

Picturing the right PPC strategy for Pixelz

Xander Marketing optimised the following tactics to drive new targeted sales leads to the Pixelz website:

  • Utilised keyword research and competitor analysis to uncover long tail keywords
  • Created granular ad groups primarily using broad match keywords to target long tail searches with highly relevant ads
  • Split test multiple ad variations to increase click-thru rates over time while reducing costs per click

  • Used conversion-focused, automated bid strategies to let Google Ads assist in optimising for CPA targets
  • Used remarketing to encourage free trial users to continue using and paying for the service
  • Offered free photography and equipment advice via downloadable guides, aimed at top of the funnel searches. Users were then introduced to the Pixelz service with informative follow-on emails.

Xander Marketing generates digital success

Image editing company Pixelz was looking for ways to increase web traffic and conversions. With the right approach, Xander Marketing was able to provide Pixelz with the results it needed, demonstrating a 270% increase in conversions and 61% reduction in cost per acquisition.

  • June 2015: 1,278 clicks and 95 conversions, £804 spend, £8.46 CPA
  • May 2016: 1,806 clicks and 285 conversions, £948 spend, £3.33 CPA
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