New Brand, Website and Software

In 2021 Gift & Go was a growing software company with a number of enterprise clients using its innovative gifting platform. With a solid product/market fit identified, it was time to strategically invest in marketing:

Key initial projects included:

  • Using our 5-step brand framework to clearly define the brand’s voice, positioning, and messaging
  • Developing a focused go-to-market strategy
  • Creating a new website, writing content, design, and build using WordPress as the CMS
  • Implementing HubSpot Marketing and Sales Professional

The new brand, messaging, and website provided the ideal platform for our marketing efforts.

SaaS Website

Holistic marketing strategy implemented

  • Crafting high quality content that established Gift & Go as a thought leader
  • Enhanced social presence, resulting in heightened engagement and lead generation
  • Tested and optimised PPC on search and social platforms
  • Onsite and offsite SEO for position 1 keywords
  • Provided support for industry events
  • Graphic design initiatives
  • A range of email marketing campaigns to generate and nurture leads and stay in touch with customers
SaaS Software Screenshot

Xander Marketing Responsibilities

Xander Marketing’s work included:

  • Guiding the marketing strategy
  • Creating landing pages to improve the website's conversion rate
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Google, LinkedIn & Facebook Ads
  • Creating ebooks and building landing pages to generate leads

  • Writing high quality blog posts
  • Managing social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Meta and X
  • Email marketing – lead generation, lead nurturing & newsletters
  • Interview clients and write ETZ case studies
  • Trade show support

  • Developing the brand
  • Graphic design
  • Creating sales and investor decks
  • Onboarding emails
  • HubSpot Management

10x business growth in 2 years

Our marketing contributed to significant business growth, including winning multiple awards and being featured in fastest-growing lists.

  • A 10x increase in business revenue
  • Enterprise brand awareness
  • A new, professional looking website
  • Positioned as a thought leader

  • Thousands of followers and engagement on social media
  • High rankings in search engines for relevant keywords
  • A striking brand presence online and offline
  • Consistent tone of voice and messaging

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