Onboarding Strategy

An initial in depth strategy was created that looked at:

  • Recommendations for the sign-up process
  • Recommendations for improvements to onboarding within the software
  • Considering the right time for a trial length and if testing is required

  • Creating an initial onboarding email workflow for static and behavioural based emails, for different segments
  • Considering and mapping where other communication is undertaken
  • Considering and recommending vouchers/offers that could be utilised

  • Developing a plan for what happens once the trial has finished
  • Recommending what needs to be measured
  • Recommending software to support the onboarding

Rolling out the onboarding

On completion of the strategy Xander Marketing created the collateral to power the onboarding:

  • Email campaigns
  • In-app messages
  • Set up Intercom
  • Created workflows and loaded all content into Intercom
  • Testing and go live
  • The project was concluded with a training session and handover to the in-house marketing team.

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