Outsourced affordability, in-house quality

To run a lean but effective marketing operation, Evianos’ VP Marketing & Strategy, Kai Rostcheck, brought Xander Marketing on board in place of an in-house design and marketing department. “I didn’t want to manage a contractor; I was looking to build a team,” he explained.

Following a competitive pitch, we were chosen due to our wide range of expertise and proven track record working with SaaS companies.

Using an outsourced marketing team meant Evianos could set a clear strategy whilst benefitting from the specialist skills of Xander Marketing’s industry experts. It also enabled us to work flexibly across a number of different marketing channels to maximise the company’s outsourced marketing budget.

Our services included:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Digital marketing including email campaigns
  • Website testing and link building
  • Social media
  • Graphic design

A website that works beyond brand awareness

Initially, our efforts were focused on creating a new website for Evianos. This needed to reflect new company branding, include custom illustrations, and feature a wiki knowledge base – whilst fulfilling Evianos’ primary objective of generating content downloads, demo bookings and generating leads.

It was the success of this initial project that led Evianos to expand Xander Marketing’s remit to include a wider range of services. “Because they did such a good job on the website, I utilised them as an integrated agency for PPC, SEO and project management including marketing automation,” remarked Rostcheck. “For a company like us, which is considered a ‘scale-up’ at this point, it’s imperative that I have all bases covered. Xander Marketing makes sure that I have that, and more.”

What Evanios is saying

“Xander Marketing has been an outstanding partner for us. They allowed me to expand organically while establishing a high level of accountability and excellent deliverables.”

Kai Rostcheck | VP Marketing & Strategy, Evanios

The right platform for prospect nurturing

Xander Marketing put a number of tools in place that enabled Evianos’ marketing campaigns to operate more efficiently. We took over SEO and PPC activity from an incumbent agency; set-up HubSpot to enable marketing automation and website functions including online chat and tracking; and utilised HubSpot’s reporting tools to track visitors through the whole lifecycle, from first click through to customer.

We also helped Evianos to refine its marketing output, creating lead nurturing email campaigns, optimising website conversions, and boosting SEO and PR results by securing articles on respected sites including Forrester, IntellyX, Itsm.tools and IT Central Station.

In addition, we supported Evianos’ rebrand with new design concepts for the company’s presentations, sales brochures and other key collateral.

The results speak for themselves

Between Jan 2017 and June 2018, Xander Marketing’s work with Evianos generated a:

  • 418% increase in leads
  • 291% increase in social visits
  • 274% increase in visit to lead conversion
  • 207% increase in reach (social traffic, contacts and leads)
  • 182% increase in contacts
  • 54% increase in ‘valuable organic traffic’

Our activity also led to Evianos securing page one search engine rankings for its primary keywords.

One partner, one vision

Xander Marketing’s comprehensive skillset meant Evianos only needed to work with one agency, rather than spending time co-ordinating multiple suppliers and freelancers. Through this single point of contact we were able to forge a strong agency/client relationship – despite more than 4,000 miles separating our UK office from Evianos’ Florida headquarters!

“It was extremely helpful that I could hand off feedback and directions in the afternoon (Eastern Time) and log in first thing in the morning to find that the Xander Marketing team had completed work overnight,” Kai added. “Plus, our use of Zoom and Slack to create on demand and/or weekly project management meetings proved to be quite effective. Getting a hold of each other has simply never been a problem.”

Our output was so successful that Evianos’ technology was acquired by HP in summer 2018.


“Xander Marketing has been an outstanding partner for us (for the website rebuild and beyond). The team is on top of modern design and programming. They are exceptionally good communicators and are quite adept at making changes on the fly while holding the line on the original intention (they have saved me from myself on numerous occasions).

Scaling up is hard. It requires massive effort, while there is almost always constraints of some sort. If I were to do it all over again, I actually would have chosen Xander Marketing earlier – they allowed me to expand organically while establishing a high level of accountability and excellent deliverables.”

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