Growth strategy created

The initial project (which is where we start with a lot of clients) was with the creation of a 12 month marketing strategy. This looked at:

  • The target market, competitors and positioning
  • Pricing
  • New website requirements
  • Onboarding strategy
  • Action plans for all marketing channels with a detailed monthly plan and ROI based budget

The detailed document outlined an executable marketing plan for the next year.

SaaS Branding
SaaS Website

New branding and website

As a platform for new marketing campaigns, new branding and a website were required. Website content was updated to be more aspirational, benefit driven and take on more of a personality.

The website was designed to be a reflection of the new logo and bring out some key points – like exactly who it’s for and case studies.

The free trial sign up process was simplified and a new onboarding process for free triallists was created and put in place.

Xander Marketing Responsibilities

Once this ‘marketing platform’ was in place Xander Marketing became responsible for:

  • PPC on Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Content marketing

  • Email outreach
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Social media updates

  • Onboarding optimisation
  • Website CRO
  • Advertising

“I can’t speak more highly of the Xander Marketing team, who are all experts in their individual fields, great to work with, and coordinate really well as a team.”

Rob Morgan | CEO, CleanerPlanner

Results leading to an exit

The marketing work saw an increase in leads and customers, sustained and higher SEO rankings (which were starting to fall), a more professional presence and new, fresh content. 

The new branding, website and marketing performance led to a successful exit for the owner in early 2019.

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