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New logo and website launched

4th September 2014

xander-logoWe’re proud to announce this week the launch of our new logo and website. As a marketing agency that designs websites and creates brands as part of our services it’s important we have a modern, creative website and logo.

Furthermore we practice what we preach when it comes to marketing and as the majority of new business comes through our website, like we tell all our clients, a better website leads to a higher conversion rate.

An evolving logo

The new logo is an evolution on our previous logo, rather than a revolution. After 5+ years, working with over 80 clients, we’ve learnt a lot and evolved, but our core values and purpose remains the same – to help SMEs get more customers, leads and website traffic and build their brands through outsourced marketing services.

Partnerships are still key, hence then arrows in the X and the logo has been updated to current design trends.

The new website

Whilst the new website has had a radical new design we’ve focused on simplifying the user journey and telling a story:

This story, and logical flow has been mapped to what a potential customer would be looking for when landing on our website.

The future

The new logo and website supports Xander Marketing’s year-on-year growth for the last 5 years and desire to lead the market for outsourced marketing for SMEs. With a client base that values outsourced marketing enabling us to deliver strong results, consistently we believe we’ve found our ‘sweet spot’ which is encapsulated in this new website and design.

We’d love any feedback you have on our new logo and website.

The Xander Marketing team!

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