5 online software tools to support your marketing

The fusion of technology and software tools to support marketing has never been greater. Here we review 5 key areas where software can support your marketing.

Website analytics

Website analytics gives you data on how many people are visiting your website, where they are coming from and what they are doing on your website. Most analytics software is easy to install, just a line of code into your website footer.

Use it to learn about the behaviour of people visiting your website, increase conversion rates and much more.

Recommendation: Google Analytics

The leader in this field is Google Analytics, it’s free and integrates with other Google services, most notably Google AdWords.

Email marketing

Email marketing software is required for bulk emailing. You can’t use software like Outlook or Gmail to do this. Set up templates, send out batch emails making them look personalised, run A/B tests on subject lines and report on open and click through rates.

Recommendation: Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp

For standard one off campaigns or autoresponder campaigns (a series of emails automated to send at pre-defined dates) there is a lot of low priced, web based, and rather nicely designed software. We use Campaign Monitor however Mailchimp seems equally impressive. For more complex email marketing see marketing automation software below.

Social media

Updating and checking your wrath of social media accounts every day can be time consuming. Using software which has all your social media activity in one place, allows you to schedule updates across all your social networks, saves time and makes you more effective.

Recommendation: HootSuite

HootSuite can integrate all your social media accounts in one place. Easily send an update out to all your networks in one go, schedule updates and view all your activity and searches.

Website split testing

Website split testing enables you to run two (or more) different website pages at any one time. Half the visitors go to one page, half to another and you can track which is the most effective. You can test anything from the wording on a call to action, different images to completely separate pages.

Recommendation: Google Analytics Content Experiments

Formally website optimiser Content Experiments lets you easily (and for free) set up and run multiple split tests. Being part of Google Analytics it is easy to analyse your results.

Getting advanced: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation, or demand generation is advanced software which can integrate a mixture of your website, analytics, email marketing, social media, search engine marketing and your reporting.

It can do tasks like collect data of website visitors even when they haven’t submitted their details, send registered users relevant content depending on what pages they visit on your website and priortise leads to sales people based on their behaviour in marketing.

Recommendation: Hubspot or Marketo

Marketing automation is a fast growing area and software like Hubspot and Marketo can support you with this. The software is great but you need a lot of resource to set up, implement and manage it on an ongoing basis.

This gives you an overview of some of the main software tools you can use to support your marketing. What are your favourite tools?

Alex Cohen

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