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Marketing Strategy and ongoing marketing support for Computer Planet

Computer Planet is the UK’s leading etailer of custom computer systems. Operating only via its website, Computer Planet offers custom built desktop computer systems for gamers, business and home users. Its USP is that it offers a greater level of customisation than any of its competitors.

A strategy was required to guide the marketing

At the beginning of 2010 Computer Planet required a Marketing Strategy that could guide its marketing on a month-by-month basis.

Computer Planet had tried a number of marketing tactics before with varying results but this time wanted an expert’s view as to the best approach.

The overall objective of Computer Planet’s marketing was to increase sales. It would do this through generating more traffic through marketing and brand building.

Writing and executing the Marketing Strategy

Computer Planet selected Xander Marketing due to its strategic approach to marketing. Similar Marketing Strategies Xander Marketing had written resonated well with Computer Planet and Xander Marketing was quick to understand Computer Planet’s challenges.

A Marketing Strategy was written which included undertaking a competitor analysis, target market analysis and marketplace analysis. A marketing mix of 13 channels was recommended with a month-by-month plan to utilise these marketing channels.

Throughout 2010 Xander Marketing and Computer Planet have worked together to deliver the recommendations. Specifically, Xander Marketing has been responsible for:

In addition to this Xander Marketing undertook two days of marketing consultancy in September 2010 taking a long term view of how Computer Planet could grow its business. The key outcomes of this study were to segment the markets into home, business and gaming markets and to reflect these changes in the website. The study provided a series of recommendations to improve the website and provided an updated view of the Marketing Strategy.


Computer Plant now has strategic marketing support from one company, rather than a series of freelancers working on tactical assignments. This holistic view ensures that new ideas are proposed and ideas can be discussed with one company that understands the full picture.

From an SEO viewpoint Computer Planet has rapidly climbed in search engine rankings. As an example a primary (and highly competitive) keyword ‘Gaming PC’, has risen from 26th in Google to the number 1 position in under three months.

The website continues to be enhanced for shoppers and different marketing channels are driving more and more traffic to the Computer Planet website as it takes market share away from its competitors.

“After our original marketing agency wrote us a sub-standard Marketing Strategy we engaged with Xander Marketing to write a Marketing Strategy for 2010. They did a great job giving us lots to think about with lots of marketing to work on which is just what we wanted. Since then their work and expertise as a sounding board has really helped us move our marketing forwards. Recently their SEO support in helping us get to number 1 for Gaming PC, something we’ve struggled with for years, has been great. I would highly recommend Xander Marketing to anyone looking for more than a ‘bunch of freelancers’ and for companies wanting a strategic approach to marketing with one point of contact.”

Andy Barr, Director, Computer Planet

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