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ActiveMate is a niche dating website created for people who are into sport, enjoy keeping fit and staying active.

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communications Plan

ActiveMate, a startup at the time, required online marketing to drive traffic to the website and attract members. As one size doesn’t fit all, a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communications Plan was created, detailing what marketing was possible and how it could be executed for ActiveMate.

Key marketing messages based on the brand were created. The initial focus was on ‘free membership for 6 months’ and the niche itself; ‘single, active and fit’ . Brand building messages using sporting puns were also created; ‘Shoot and score on ActiveMate’, ‘Get a home run on ActiveMate’.

Online Marketing Department

An integrated marketing campaign was devised in the marketing strategy. Xander Marketing has become ActiveMate’s online marketing department managing marketing campaigns using Google AdWords, Facebook, banner advertising, email marketing, online PR and affiliate programmes.

Rapid growth

The challenge with any ‘agency’ type business is getting the first customers. Who would join a dating site with no-one else on it? The initial marketing was very offer heavy and that has resulted in the site passing a certain threshold where people won’t be put off because there are too few members.

From a starting point of zero, ActiveMate acquired over 500 registered members in under 5 months and with more members recommending friends the site is growing exponentially.


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