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Results focused – our purpose is to help our client’s businesses grow
Everything we do needs to get results for clients. To achieve this we act strategically. We will challenge clients to ensure they get the best results whether this means us winning or losing business in the process. We are on our client’s side and decisions we make should only be ones that will help them grow their business.

Wow our customers
We want customers to love our work and our company. We challenge conventional design and marketing. We deliver the unexpected. Work has meticulous planning and attention to detail; everything is first class.

Act fast
We work fast and respond to clients and suppliers quickly. Speed of response will win us new business and keep existing business. Issues get sorted quickly. Speed of action sets us apart from our slow competitors.

Educate and learn
To our clients we want to help them understand marketing better. To our team we want them to expand their knowledge of marketing and business. We will educate customers, prospects, our staff, associates and visitors. We will continually learn new marketing techniques and strategies and apply and share these with our client’s marketing.

Constant and never ending improvement
We can always do a better job; we can always improve processes; we can always find new ways to do things. We are curious and constantly seeking to improve ourselves and your business.

It’s everyone’s responsibility whether it’s a great job or bad job. We under promise and over deliver; always do what we say when we say we’ll do it; never miss a deadline; are honest; establish trust between ourselves and our customers. Every piece of work we submit we need to be proud and confident of.

Thank God It’s Monday (TGIM)
Work is fun, fun breeds creativity. Xander Marketing people wake up on a Monday morning excited to work in a challenging, fun and rewarding environment.

Think big
We can become what we want to be. Success will breed success. By following these values, delivering great results and fantastic customer support and acting quickly we can become the go to place for SMEs when they require marketing.

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