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A Marketing Platform and Re-branding AKA


AKA, a niche business consultancy had been established for 3 years delivering high end business propositions. Its clients included blue chip private and public sector organisations.

High end propositions, unprofessional image

AKA’s current branding looked unprofessional, it was unclear what the company stood for and it had a ‘mish-mash’ of services and propositions.

Brand = Target Market + Values + USPs

A series of workshops and consultancy culminated in a detailed report being written. The target market, values, positioning and USPs were all considered. The brands the target market bought were analysed. Colours, imagery, fonts and tone of voice of each of the values were analysed as were the company’s USPs and positioning.

Breakthrough Performance

AKA’s new brand was focused around ‘Breakthrough Performance’. The new slogan ‘Breakthrough Performance for Projects, People and Organisations’ was about helping these entities excel at what they’re doing, achieving results they didn’t think were possible.

AKA’s services were streamlined into two propositions – one focused on project management (PMC) and one on executive coaching and mentoring (DES-M), these were each sub-branded.

The branding was executed through a new logo which portrayed breakthrough performance from its icon and had a mixture of modern and traditional fonts to show the contrast between it being modern but having longevity.

The new branding was reflected in the stationery, website and proposition material. It also acted as a platform for marketing brochures, case studies and direct mail campaigns.

After launching its new brand AKA went on to have its best ever trading year.


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